A Family Affair

Every family affected by chronic illness has a story, and this is mine.

My stepfather and mother with family friend, actor Mickey Rooney.

Lou Sher and Gloria Hirsch Sher with family friend, actor Mickey Rooney

More than 45 years ago upon my type one diabetes diagnosis, little did I realize or care that juvenile diabetes research funding and support services were practically non-existent.  However, my mother and stepfather, Gloria Hirsch and Lou Sher, knew it immediately.  They went full-throttle, using their influence as stage and film producers to provide hope and help for families. They joined with others affected by juvenile diabetes to form the Diabetes Research Institute and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and are widely acknowledged as pioneers in diabetes research funding. Like many families, Lou and Gloria dedicated their lives (Lou passed away in 1998 and Gloria in 2013) to finding a cure for diabetes and support for their loved one, who happened to be me.


JDRF award presented Lou and Gloria Sher.

JDRF presented Lou and Gloria Sher with this award for their contributions to diabetes research funding.

Families affected by diabetes face extraordinary challenges.

There are resources available to help families cope and ways to support the ones you love.  Start writing your family story today.

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