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I am not in the news business, but if I were, type 1 diabetes would be front page, top focus, the lead story. It would be 24 hours – round the clock- coverage with no commercial interruptions. Why? As I channel my inner Howard Beale, the fictitious character in the Oscar-nominated film Network, and shout, “I’m mad as hell. …Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!” My lead story today is about the transformation of the insulin pen. I shared the following article in the Bonnie’s World Facebook Group (please join) and a lively discussion ensued.


Insulin PenMedtronic. Dexcom. Abbott. Sanofi. Google. A lot of very large, well-known companies are investing heavily into innovating the diabetes space, and that innovation is exciting. But a disproportionate amount of the innovation around insulin delivery focuses on the insulin pump, a delivery device that’s only used by a small percentage of insulin users.

Source: In-Depth: Five innovators who see the future of connected insulin delivery in pens, not pumps | MobiHealthNews

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Innovation is a sensitive topic in the type 1 diabetes community, for at times it seems to divert our attention from “the cure.” Don’t get me wrong, I thank G-D every day for the management tools. The strides underway with the insulin pen are terrific. Things used to be much different. Perhaps if we had had the tools 40 years ago I wouldn’t have the diabetic complications that I have had to deal with. I am happy for what we have, but I will never take my eyes off and efforts away from the ultimate objective, a cure.

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