D-Community Spotlight: Brad Slaight

Inside my blue world, I find inspiration, motivation, and encouragement from fellow members of the T1D community.  I firmly believe in passing it on, so each regular episode of my weekly podcast, The Bonnie Sher Show, Boomer Life, includes a T1D co-host. On October 20, 2016, Brad Slaight, a.k.a. Dee Hero, from the great state of California, joined me to share what keeps him motivated living the T1D life. This episode also features an interview with writer/actor Steve Bluestein.  Feel free to share the link so that others living with or affected by Type 1, will find support, encouragement, and a little entertainment too.

This month, perhaps more than others, diabetes headlines will take center stage. More often than not, and lost in the spotlight of Diabetes Awareness Month is a community of women, men, and children with and affected by type 1, type 1.5, type 2, and prediabetes. This community lives with the stark realities of the disease 365 days a year.  Our hopes hang in the balance of research, technology, treatment, management,  advocacy, and legislation.  Our fears intensify with every high and low, complication, prescription price hike and cost of care.

For many of us, diabetes is a lonely journey.  It helps to support, share, and find comfort in knowing that even alone, we are together to face another day. As a member of the T1D community, I am thankful to Brad Slaight for sharing his journey.

Brad Slaight on The Bonnie Sher Show

Thank you Brad Slaight!

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Until we connect again, may your AICs be low and your resilience high.