A fierce, fearless and unforgiving take on living with Type 1 Diabetes for most of my life – 49 years, in fact.

36490 Injections of insulin
70894 Finger Pricks to monitor highs and lows
17885 Days Still Waiting for a Cure

T1 Diabetes and Me

Bonnie, do you know why this happened to you? Because God made you too beautiful, he made you too smart, he gave you too much talent. He had to give you something so that you would know that you are not perfect.

I was 15 years old in a bed at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles when my stepfather, Lou Sher, whispered those words in my ear. Since that day, more than 40 years ago, I’ve challenged this imperfection, diagnosed as type one (T1) diabetes, as much as it has challenged me.

I was born a military brat in the windy city of Chicago, IL and educated throughout the United States and in Europe. At a young age, my parents, Colonel Raymond Isenson and Gloria Hirsch, divorced. My mother would remarry again before finding Louis K. Sher, the man who encouraged me to use my T1 diabetes as a sword. Gloria and Lou became a power couple in the entertainment industry, on stage and screen, from New York City to Hollywood.

They used their influence for type one diabetes awareness and research on behalf of children who would one day discover that they, too, were not perfect. It should come as no surprise that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Early on, I knew showbiz was my calling and T1 diabetes, one of my causes.

I entered showbiz as one of the von Trapp children in the touring company of The Sound of Music, made my television debut as a teen on The Barbara McNair Show and continued to work on several television shows including a role opposite Billy Crystal on Soap. I starred opposite of legendary Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer, LaVern Baker in High Tea, the acclaimed off-Broadway musical and in Arch Oboler’s recently re-released 3-D cult film Domo Arigato. For many years, I had the good fortune to be the protégé of the late Sammy Davis, Jr., working with him in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and on national tours.

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